Friday, March 12, 2010

you thought i forgot

#12. if you lay down for a nap, the babies will wake up.
can i get an amen? what is it about their little sub-conscious selves that knows when mama is resting? heck, i can't even sit down at the kitchen table and rest while they are eating lunch together. somebody undoubtedly will have an urgent need. "mama, i want a spoon instead of a fork." 'ahhh! ahh! eeeeeeh! eeehhh!" (guess which one says that!) "mama, i need more juice." "nananananananahhhh!" "mama, can we listen to music?" and on. and even now, when they both take solid 2, 2 1/2 hour naps in the afternoon, i don't lay down. i know. weird. well, for one, i wouldn't sleep at night. for two, there's too many other things to do. for three, when am i gonna eat??

#13. boundaries are important.
in all things. especially especially family. no elaboration necessary. this is a family-friendly blog.

#14. the Dominican Republic is so far my favorite country.
man, God's creativity and beauty astounds me. from Little River Canyon, AL to my daughter's long eyelashes. . amazing. but the Dominican Republic? breathtaking. not just its pristine beaches. but the people. there's such a mix in this particular nation. when i was there, helping to lead a college ministry team with Jacci (see 'inspirations'), i fell in love with one particular family with tons of little kids (probably because the youngest little toddler-girl was named 'Jenny'). they were all dark skinned, blond-haired, and either green or blue eyes. and so happy. . i know about the poverty, and i know about the huge resorts that are five miles down the road. and i love it all. you just gotta see it. i have the greatest picture from the DR, but alas. it's on my husband's computer that is currently on life support. and if i don't get my pictures from that computer (wedding, birth of babies, college graduation . . ) i will cry. side note.

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