Wednesday, April 07, 2010

#15, 16, 17...

so i started this '30 things' when i turned 30 last year. . i'll be 31 on Sunday. do ya'll think i can finish the list by then?

#15. i should never pick a fight. i'm a horrible fighter. just ask my husband. poor guy. i blubber. i blabber. i make up things. it's sad, really. so i try not to do it. if you happen to call my mama mean names, or say i'm dumber than an ignoramoose, you might get punched in the face. but you'll most likely be met with a stare, a laugh, and i'll walk away. because that's so much easier than....fighting.

#16. never eat lobster in Pakistan. my now husband (then dating) and i and a few others who shall remain nameless once traveled through this amazing country. we stayed one night in a nice hotel. the fixtures were all brass. everything was bright & shiny & clean. the buffet looked great. he ordered lobster. PAUSE. i have a rule. if i am further than 50 miles from the ocean, i'm not eating fish. no way. but it had been a long trip. the lobster was like, the equivalent of a cheeseburger as far as price goes. that was exciting. but let's just say it was not a good idea. not good.

#17. however, eating lobster in Maine is okay. just not the price of a cheeseburger. my best friend and i once drove to Maine, from Chattanooga TN. it was our last hoorah, our last big adventure before she got married, before i got married, before we moved away, before kids. . sigh. while there, we knew we had to eat us some Maine lobster. we found a little restaurant. somehow, she managed a lovely lobster salad. and of course, i ordered it on an platter. he still had his little eyeballs and. . antlers. or whatever they are. i had to crack his little feet to get to the meat. it was a lot of work for $50. next time, i'm getting the salad. but only if i'm 50 miles from the ocean or less.

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