Monday, April 26, 2010

6 years, and counting.

ever been to Pigeon Mountain?
it's pretty awesome. miles and miles and acres and acres of wild-ness.
and this lovely green-scape of. . . poison ivy. yes, all of that is poison ivy.
we went on a 10-mile hike on that beautiful day, which happened to also be our..6th Anniversary!
we hiked, on and on. we thought we were lost. we thought no one would ever see us again. we saw what looked to be either puma or bobcat footprints. fresh footprints. i was a little nervous. i was scanning the treetops. watching my back. i was ready for anything. .
and the owner of this lovely 1980 bike gave up and walked it out. i don't blame him.
boy were my dogs tired! we hiked on and on. it was all beautiful. we came upon a waterfall we almost missed. we had a snack by a cool spring. we didn't see a single soul.
happy 6th anniversary to us.


Grace Wheeler said...

It DOES look beautiful Jenny! All that greenery and the hubby and I love to hike! Happy 6th anniversary...I'm not sure there's a better way to spend it than you two did! I mean, as long as Oreos and a bottle involved, you can't go wrong :)

Oh yes, and it's official, our kids naptimes are in sync!

The Jones Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the wine and Oreos... what a great refreshment after a 10 mile hike :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it back alive and you did not have to be on an episode of "I Shoul be Alive"!

Jordan said...

Happy Anniversary! Nothing like a good Pinot with your Oreos.

Vinajoy said...

What a perfect way to celebrate!