Sunday, April 04, 2010

and the winner is. .

every year my parents give the grandkids an Easter egg hunt in their yard. it's great fun.

this year was a competition on who would find the most eggs, hidden by Daddy and Grandad.

the players?

Natalie. 3 years old.
strengths are excellent vision, lover of jelly beans, and ta
kes direction well. weaknesses include: aversion to dirt & insects, speed, too much chattering.

cousin Mari Olivia. age 11 years. strengths include height, comfortable shoes, ability to communicate effectively. weaknesses are talking, more talking, and a 3-yr old attached to her hip.

Karis. 18 months old. strengths are stubborness, creative thinking,
and padded bottom. weaknesses include motor skills, agility, and

so who won?

the baby of the bunch.
she really did have the most eggs at the end of the hunt. there was some sneaky actions, though. when cousin Mo wasn't looking, Karis swiped the eggs out of her basket for herself.

smart kid.

scary, but smart.

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The Redhead Riter said...

So young and so cute!

Love your cheerio template too.