Thursday, April 29, 2010

i used to. .

think it was annoying when a screaming baby would be the next booth over to me in a restaurant.

pity the mother who ripped open a bag of Cheetos in Walmart and let her kids have at it.

think snotty nosed kids were gross and obviously not very well taken care of.

shake my head at mothers who handed out candy to keep their kids quiet and calm.

think moms who quietly read a book at Barnes'n Noble while her small kids ran around like banshees were irresponsible and thoughtless to the general public.

believe young kids who watched TV would rot and die.

never think i would hand my child a pop-tart.

not understand why new parents were suddenly super busy & unreachable.

never really believe i could grow eyes in the back of my head.

until i had kids.

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Bonni said...

Everything you wrote is SOOOO true.....great post!