Tuesday, April 13, 2010

baby Moses. and scarecrows.

i'm trying to teach natalie the books of the Bible, and the most important stories that clearly show the Gospel. . listen in on our conversation this morning, while on a stroller ride.

'nat, what's the first book of the Bible?'
'ummm. Genesis.'
'and what's the first verse of the Bible?'
'beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. MAMA! where's the dog?'
'very good! what's the second book of the Bible?'
'where's the doggie?'
'he might be inside having lunch. not sure.'
'but where IS he?'
'he's inside having lunch. what's the second book of the Bible?'
'good. Exodus. who was found in a basket in a river?'
'what baby was found in a basket?'
'where are the scarecrows?'
'it's not fall anymore, it's spring-time.'
'did mr. jimmy (neighbor) put up his scarecrow?'
'yep. what baby was found in the river?'
'baby moses.'
'GREAT! who found the baby?'
'umm. the king.'
'close. a princess.'
'the princess. very good, mama!'
'oh. thanks, nat.'

next time: the Israelites. get excited.

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The Jones Family said...

LOL! I love it!