Thursday, April 01, 2010

is it enough?

i fight this all the time. . having two young kids and comparing what we do on a weekly, daily basis, to what other kids their age are doing.

i shouldn't do that. i love what the girls do, i love that as they are getting older (haha, 3 & 18 months), we are going more places. like, we just discovered 'story-time' at the library. and a favorite rainy or cold-day activity is the kids' playplace at the mall, followed by chick-fil-a. and they both love love the kids center at the YMCA. .

right now, me and the husband are debating about Mother's Day Out for the eldest in the fall (i am a huge fan of this) or one of those fancy music classes at Berry, or pre-school ballet classes. . and then i get all worked up about the possibilities and downfalls of each.

and then i'm reminded of the fact that they are SO young. and we have so much fun right in our backyard. . i ask Natalie at the end of the day what she liked the best, and really, it's all about how much love she received. she needs so much confirmation. before naptime today, i asked her if she was having a good day (full of outside fun play, so far), and she said 'yes, mama. i love when you helped me feel better when i fell off the bed.'

oh. that's what you love the most? you're not disappointed that we didn't go anywhere this morning? you don't feel deprived because you don't recognize all your letters yet? you're not sad that we had to come inside the house because karis was flipping out because she was so tired?
well then. we'll just keep right on doing what we're doing. because i think it's working.


Grace Wheeler said...

yes yes yes! love this post!!! wrote a similar one myself recently! we may need each other to keep reminding the other about this in the future!!!

Mandy said...

1. i think you are a pretty amazing mom. 2. are you really still telling me i need to read crime and punishment? that wasn't a joke?

jenny said...

you betcha. i think you would like it. that's my challenge to you. you need some dostoevsky love.