Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my new mommy moments

a new mom will be born soon, and as has become my tradition, i dedicate a little post to her! it's even more special because she is my sister-in-law, and the new baby will be my new niece! here are a few *special* things i remember well about being a brand new, confused, sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, extremely happy mom!

--walking for hours at the mall on cold, rainy days while pushing the stroller
--holding baby while pushing stroller
--nursing baby while sitting in public restroom stall
--nursing baby in many, many parking lots
--realizing a van-load of kids parked next to me got a bird's eye view while i was nursing said baby in chick-fil-a parking lot.
--falling asleep nursing baby (oh, sitting up).
--watching ER re-runs for hours while nursing baby (so THAT'S what i did when i only had one child!).
--watching ER re-runs with volume on mute for fear to wake sleeping baby. it's still a pretty good show with no sound.
--driving long slow distances for baby to take a nap (sometimes this is the only time i would eat during the day).
--comPLETEly putting a diaper on backwards, due to sleep deprivation
--absolutely positive that my baby was the most beautiful in the entire universe (that hasn't changed, either).
--walking literally miles in my own home while trying to get baby to sleep.
--during a screaming bout (i promise, they don't scream non-stop. these are just the times i remember most. is that sad??), the husband would walk outside with her and she would immediately stop screaming. this still works.
--going for a stroller ride, baby falling asleep, me parking stroller in carport, me going inside to do laundry, peeking on baby asleep in carport.
--learning to eat really really fast.
--reading 'the velveteen rabbit' over and over to her.
--holding her whole little self right on my chest and feeling so warm and so content.

here's to a new mama! can't wait to meet her! (for new mama advice, see here)

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