Thursday, April 08, 2010

nurture the nature. . a reminder.

i found this today. . written by this gal. love it.

"As a new mom, I remember many times that I’ve had to apologize for my little girl when I shouldn’t have to. That she is somewhat cautious and reserved towards strangers. That she takes awhile time to feel safe and familiar in a new environment. That she is very attached to mom and finds comfort primarily when I am near her. But this is part of who she is, and by apologizing for her, I am invalidating her essence instead of celebrating the gift of who she is. Her cautious and reserved nature is a wonderful quality to have and when nourished rightly, will be a gift to many. Her cautious and reserved nature is much needed in this world of the hasty and the extroverted. Her cautious and reserved nature is not worse or better, just different from what we often extol.

And so I’m learning that as a mother, perhaps one of the most important tasks I have is to nurture my daughter’s nature. To truly embrace her for who she is and give her the space to fully grow into the person she is supposed to be. Not who I want her to be. I am perhaps a pretty major chunk of that environment that will have to adjust attitudes and expectations every so often so that her natural God-given strengths can fully flourish."

i gotta remember this.

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