Thursday, May 13, 2010

#18, 19, 20

in keeping with '30 things', here we go. we're gettin there, folks.

18. never stay at a hotel if the manager asks if you want to pay by the hour.
yessss. . this was also on the trip to Maine adventure. my roommate and i drove til we couldn't function anymore and got to Connecticut. surprisingly, hotels there are so darn expensive. we found the cheapest one we could (cough. $80/night). as we were checking in, the night clerk asked if we wanted it by the hour. really?? needless to say, we only stayed 6 hours for some much-needed sleep, but we didn't touch the bed linens. nor did we give the heart-shaped jacuzzi a try.

19. if you borrow a bunch of pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, make sure there isn't a group of attack dogs next store.
'borrow' is used very lightly in this little story. i went to college in a very small, country town in Tennessee. Friday nights came, and we had to get creative as to how we would goof off. Chattanooga was only 30 miles away, but we were po' and had no money to spend on fancy lattes or late-night movies. but there was a huge pumpkin patch about 15 miles up a nearby mountain. every fall, my junior year roommate and i, under cover of darkness, would make the drive to the patch. why in the world did we want pumpkins? man, there are so many fun things you can do with pumpkins. the first being, putting them in random, unlocked cars around campus. but that's another story. . it was so dark in that patch. we basically had to feel around with our hands, pull with all our might, and fill up her trunk as fast as we could. but this one time. . apparently the owner of this field caught on and invested in attack dogs. no one was hurt or bitten, but let's just say it scared the be-geesus outta us.

20. roasting hot dogs over a candle is disgusting.
not a lot of explanation needed here, but just so you know. it's disgusting and tastes like burnt plastic.

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