Friday, May 28, 2010

i love my space. my kitchen space.

this is my main counter space. i have other, longer spaces on the opposite side of the sink & stove, but this area--right in the middle--makes meal prep so much quicker. the stove is to the left. the sink, to the right. the trash can is usually right by my foot.
it can get crowded up in here. but as long as i have everything i need right here, cut up, prepped, peeled, shredded (right after lunch)...the most complicated dinner can be done pretty quickly (while the girls are eating their after-nap snack while tied up, i mean, sitting at the table). do you see that beautiful parsley and basil? from the herb garden. yay!
can you see waaaay down? is it too dark? well, what's there are four piles of laundry. my laundry room, er, closet, is in the kitchen. a drag? no. very handy. while i'm waiting for the onion & butter to get all nice & translucent together, i throw dried clothes onto the floor and then a new load into the dryer. then while i'm waiting for whatever to come to a boil, i fold. and hand out gold fish. don't get me wrong. one o' these days, this girl is gonna have a big ol' laundry room, complete with an industrial sink to throw wet clothes, muddy shoes, poopy pants, and lots and lots of hanging bars and hooks and shelves and such.
but for now, it's so darn convenient. and i love it.
PW's tomato soup. in record time.


Jenny said...

That soup looks amazing! I wish i had some more kitchen space to spread out.

Simply Cintia said...


Rachel said...

That soup looks fabulous. I had to chuckle -- I have one area where I work in my kitchen as well. Even though I have a long stretch of counter that I could be working on!