Monday, May 31, 2010

lawyer rambling

i found this little rambling about lawyers, something i wrote in a journal probably back in 1998 or '99.

i should have been. . .
a lawyer. at least from what i imagine, lawyers serve a structured, free life. and that's what i want to be--structured and free.
i love that lawyers go to greasy pubs on the corner for their lunch break and chat with the waitress named Louise who always carries a pot of black coffee and grumbles about what a lousy person you are but is endearing just the same. i love that lawyers drink everything out of styrofoam cups. i love that lawyers work at a huge desk late into the night with only one 20 watt bulb as a guide and then fall asleep on a leather couch in their suit. i love that lawyers live in shacks that they are either renovating or constantly trashing because they don't have any time to clean. i love that lawyers ride around in piece-of-junk cars, always park illegally and never get a ticket. i love their yellow legal pads they write on. lawyers never write on anything else. i've gotta get me one of those pads. i love the sweat stains lawyers have on their oxford button-down shirts with their pinstripe ties, for the courtroom's air conditioning is always broken. i love that a lawyer's secretary has been with him from the start and knows his every antic and what kind of cologne he wears. i love that when lawyers go on road trips, they always check into the worst possible motel in a sleazy Southern town, draw the blinds tight, turn the television on low, and fall asleep to its blue glow. i love that lawyers always order the most greasy meal off the menu. i love that when lawyers go to make a phone call, they know the number off the top of their head.

me thinks i read one too many Grisham novels.

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