Monday, May 17, 2010

not. raining.

i was weeding the vegetable garden (growing nicely with all this wet stuff) while the little girls were happily playing on the deck (about 50 feet away). they *create* birthday parties, which usually takes about 25 minutes. this consists of pouring, re-pouring, and pouring again sand from one cup to another, stirring, pouring some more. it ends with Natalie yelling the 'happy birthday' song. and then Karis gives a resounding 'YAYYYY!' with lots of clapping. i encourage birthday parties on the deck.

anyways, tra la lala, weeding, weeding away.

'yes, Nat?'
pause. is it?
'no, that's just rain dripping from the trees.'
no pause. 'MAMA! IT'S RAINING!'
'no, it's water dripping from the trees.'
louder. 'Noooooo, it's WATER dripping from the TREEEES.'
pause. 'is it raining, mama?'
then i hear, more quietly: 'it's not raining, Karis. just water dripping from the trees.'

just so you know.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of the conversations we have in our house! I love toddler talk!! I'm visiting from my Feature Friday post and will be following your blog and hopefully be featuring you in the coming weeks! Love your posts, stories and photos. Always fun to meet new bloggers!