Tuesday, May 04, 2010


it's tuesday. no car today, so the girls have enjoyed a full morning and after-lunch of outside fun. it's warm! weren't we supposed to get some rain? tonight we're going to my parents' across the border (God's country, aka Alabama) for a birthday dinner. we are 'supposed' to pick up sub sandwiches, but i've made a nice meal instead (PW's chicken spaghetti). lately all i cook is her stuff. because it is SO GOOD. and the husband digs it. and it's fun when he likes my stuff from the kitchen. i got an email from a marketing company (i think?) requesting to advertise on my bloggy woggy. not sure what that's all about, but i'm taking the steps. hopefully it won't be any crazy strange back-of-the-salon type stuff. ha ha. this weekend the husband and i are going to Augusta to cheer on our sister-in-law for graduating from medical college. way to go, Aunt Lizzie! love her. yesterday in the YMCA parking lot, a stray cat followed Nat around like a puppy. it was adorable. i'm no cat person, but seriously, if we weren't going on a ton of errands that morning i was really tempted to put that cat in the car & take it home. really against my grain of thinking. wonder where that kitty is today. .

oh, and do you like my new signature?? i made it myself.

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