Friday, May 21, 2010

vicious virus

this is not a complaining post. this is a real-life mama post.

my mama is wonderful, one of my best friends. probably my very best. okay, she is. there. anyways, she has come every Thursday (her only full day off work) for about a year & a half to keep the little girls to let me get out & do whatever i want to do--usually that entails not much. just getting out of the house, driving slowly, eating slowly. ya'll know how it is.

sad though, her health has been bad since before Christmas. so, she couldn't come on Thursdays for several months. until...yesterday! yay! God is healing her, and i was so excited for her to come and spend some good time with the girls. . and of course, i was excited to get out & about for a few hours. it's not that i haven't had any time whatsoever (thank you, in-laws & long weekend trips with the husband) but ya'll know how running around your home town by yourself is very needed. just to like, go to walmart alone (no, don't even say i have the option of waking up at 5am to go alone. not gonna happen).

so, as i was sipping a cappa-frappa-frozen-cino at Barnes 'n Noble and reading, what else, children's books. . my mom called to report Natalie threw up. sigh. so, home i went. we didn't realize how bad it was, or mom would have stayed longer (the husband is gone for 3 days right now for work). but, i found out very quickly how bad this sweet little virus was. she continued to puke for the next 6 hours. 7 times in 6 hours. isn't that...unhealthy for a 3-yr old??

boy did i pray over her like never before. so much so, that this morning she said Straw-Shortcake (doll) was sick and we needed to pray for her.

thankfully, she made it through the night and is on the mend today. and even more thankfully, the 19-month old is safe so far.

it's been interesting 'round here. i have so many fresh stains on my carpet, but i'm just looking at them, trying to find the energy to clean them. that'll come. like, tonight. the in-laws are coming tomorrow. Praise the Lord. seriously.

trying to keep the girls separated and not sharing germs has been interesting too. usually, if they have a cold, it's inevitable that they will share it so i don't bend over backwards to clorox the toilet seat, wipe door handles, not allow them to hug each other...but the past 24 hours i definitely have. i literally walked behind Natalie with a trash can (for puke, you know) and a can of Lysol for almost the entire evening last night.

but this, friends, is part of it. and i will look back one day, maybe if she's in college and sick as a dog with another nice little stomach virus, and think 'i really really want to take care of her right now.'

hopefully we're over the hump. i'm thankful for the rain today.


Melissa (@adventuroo) said...

Wow-- that's a lot of puke!! Glad she's feeling better.

Stopping by from Mom Loop Friday.

Michele said...

I'm a new follower from the Mom Loop. Puke is never fun...

Monica Fernaays said...

I am so with you - I am not getting up at 5 to go by myself to the store. I'd be crabby the rest of the day because I lacked sleep!! :) I really enjoyed your post, and I hope you daughter feels better, and the 2nd one doesn't catch it!
Floowing you from Mom Loop ~ you have a new follower! It would be great if you'd check out my blog!

The Activity Mom said...

Sick kids are SO hard!

stopping by from Mom Loop....your newest follower!

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Jocelyn said...

I feel so thankful being a mommy myself just from reading your blog. You are a true mom inspiration! :)

Welcome to the Hip Mama's Place Mom Community on Blog Frog. :)

Beth in NC said...

Hi Jenny. I just found you through blogfrog! You have a new follower. I hope you'll come over to my blog too.

Poor little girl. I'm sorry she got sick. I just found a wonderful product at the PET store of all places! Ha. Our daughter threw up all over our couch -- I mean BAPTIZED IT! By the time my husband and I calmed her down, got her stripped and put in the tub -- the "stuff" had settled and smelled up the couch. I washed, I scrubbed, but the smell was still there.

I went to the pet store and found some great smelling pray that has some sort of enzyme thing going on. My couch is clean and smells great. FYI - in case you have that problem.


Jessica Jenkins said...

O the woes of stomach viruses lol. I have experienced at least once with both kids. It is not fun at all! Luckily both times its happend was in the bed so that means just having to wash lots of bedding. But think of it this way...there will come a time she will still need you there when she is older to take care of her. My mom is still there for me and im 25 years old hahahaah. I know pathetic huh? But hey she babied me when I was sick, i loved it.