Monday, June 14, 2010

#24, 25, 26

almost done.

24. i really struggle with common sense (see #20, #11, #9, #8). i don't know where this nice little gift came from, but man. . pouring hot liquid wax down the kitchen sink because i didn't want it to leak on the table. . . making a campfire in the backyard of my duplex, forgetting that i was within city limits and the fire trucks would definitely come. . . making plane reservations for the wrong day. . . applying for graduate school without realizing i had also signed up for a $6,000 deposit which i most certainly did not have (you should have heard that phone conversation). . .

25. if you're standing in a strange hole in a cave, it's probably a wolf den. get out. ahh yes. my craziest roommate and i would often run on a fantastic dirt road near school. on one of these runs, we noticed a cave and, of course, we had to explore. it was, well, a cave. cold. dark. damp. you sorta had to stoop. suddenly i was much shorter than Lisa. 'what are you standing in?' 'looks like a hole.' shining flashlight. 'it sure is! wow! i wonder who made this hole? and that one, too??' 'oh wait, what is this...' shining light. 'lots of poop and wads of animal fur.' needless to say, we vacated said cave.

26. working third shift is life-altering. if you haven't tried it, don't. through a round-about way after college, i landed my first real-life job working at a mental health clinic in Chattanooga. i worked third shift, answering the suicide hotline. it was awesome! oooh, not really. most nights i was there alone in a very empty building, minus the occasional clinician who would stay with me and bring her collection of psychological horror movies, and the security guard who slept on the couch. . i got used to it, but always found it hard to sleep more than about 5 hours during the day. the hardest part was living on other folks' schedules during the holidays. many times i'd be up for 48 hours at a time. honestly, this was a very difficult time in my young life at this point, but God met me many-a-time in some sweet, lonely times. and i grew up! (well, not sure about that, but. . i grew. that's better.)

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Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

I love this idea you have here! Turning 30 is a milestone for sure!

I worked graveyard shift in my 20's and that was tough! Doing it at a mental! I can't imagine...