Wednesday, June 02, 2010

more things i say

'i don't know if that is a man or woman, but try not to ask that so loudly.'

'well, Cinderella can't marry the princess because girls only marry boys. right. no, we don't have a prince. but one day God will send you one. no, they don't actually sell them at Walmart.'

'i won't let you fall in the potty. no, we don't have to flush. nope, this one doesn't flush automatically. don't worry. .that's someone else using the potty. i don't know who it is. nope, not sure. are you done?'

'don't squish her.'

'i don't know why he didn't wave back at you. no, we're not going to go back. keep walking, i'm sure someone else will wave at you. look, your sister is waving.'

'is Dora coming with us? yes, i'll find a car seat for Dora. Boots can stay here, monkeys don't like going to the store.'

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