Friday, June 11, 2010

thanks, rome

i used to live in a fantastic city--Chattanooga, TN. loved it. my little apartment was on a big hill right above what is Coolidge Park. i worked third shift there, so i would generally sleep 11am-4pm, go for a run straight down the big hill, across the street, and over the walking bridge. being really sweaty at the end of this run, i would then take a dip in the Tennessee River and walk back to my humble abode.

do you know what is reminding me of this great big city?
my great little city--Rome, GA.
Cousin Mo came to visit, and we were able to have a fantastic morning full of water fun, down by the river (side note: i would never jump in the Etowah. but, not sure it's much worse than the Tennessee).
and look! a walking bridge! (and a cute kid)
we actually have a very similar photo of these two cousins playing in the Atlanta fountains. movin' on up.
Karis was a bit timid of all the splashing.
but these two were happy as clams. actually, Natalie's first official swim lesson took place in this little pool. thanks, Mo!

and thanks, city of Rome, GA.

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Talley Clower said...

Sweet children....oh yeah, nice writing too