Thursday, June 10, 2010

versus, part one

things that i miss. .

waking up slowly, driving slowly (wait, not sure i ever did that), eating cereal for every meal, running a lot, dorm life, having money to buy things--like, for me, taking random naps, going to the grocery store and spending only $50, deciding to go to Krystal at midnight, mission trips, one simple cell phone, driving long distances and hearing only myself think, writing real letters, doing dangerous things that involve extreme heights or speed/stupidity, making spaghetti and thinking it was uh-mazing, decorating teeny apartments in cities i don't know, ignorance to my deep dark heart, relying on cash & ATM's, having daily devotions, being the back-row visitor at churches, long phone conversations, a non-reality TV world, making decisions that affect only myself, having Halloween parties, eating a lot more candy. .

soon, things i have gained. stay tuned. so exciting.

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