Monday, June 28, 2010

27. The first two years after college strengthened me for the next ten. . i won't bore you with the extreme details. it was a whirlwind. the first thing i did? go to Mexico for the summer to work with AIM. once done, i went home, but my parents had sold our home and moved into a one-room (like, one big area) apartment while they built their new cabin in northeast Alabama. i slept on the couch for one night, and decided to keep on moving the next morning. everything i owned was in my car (minus a bed & desk in storage), so i drove to Chattanooga where i stayed with my best friend & her family while i found a place to live and look for a job. there were no handouts, i went for a good long month or so with no money to speak of. . i applied at so many mental health clinics, hospitals, facilities; and when that didn't work, it was Bi-Lo and waitressing. but nothing came through! until finally, the third-shift job at the Crisis Center opened up. . and there ya go. lots of loneliness, lots of growing up. i truly recommend it for the post-graduate, if that makes any sense. sorry, i think i said i wouldn't bore you with the details?

28. Clean as you go. . wow, total change of subject! this is just something i've done for the longest time these days. if i need to walk the long 30 steps to the back of the house at 12:34 pm., i look everywhere for things that belong to the girls' rooms, or my room, the bathrooms. . i don't put those things up neatly at that moment, but i do throw it on the floor just inside the door (to actually be put up later). it just helps so that at the end of the day at 8:30 p.m. i'm not making myself crazy picking up the littlest things before preparing for the next day. . what??
. i meant to say 'finally collapsing on the couch'.

29. Try not to look back. . it's just not healthy.

30. Again, great is His faithfulness. Amen and amen. . Hebrews 13:8, ya'll.

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