Monday, July 12, 2010

business trip? yes, please!

so i'm tagging along with the husband on a business trip, loving the down-time, trying to figure out the remote. . hoping our little girls back home have figuered out how to pour their own cereal this morning.

just kidding. they're with the grand-padres. going to the splash pool. going to the zoo. it's a regular summer camp.

so, in case you wondered why i posted a picture of our summer chalet, it was actually the Biltmore Inn, my place of rest for these 3 1/2 days. it. is. fabulous. we drove onto the grounds yesterday and suddenly realized we weren't in Floyd County anymore. we joked that suddenly we were put on radar. . 'warning: just spotted--country bumpkins entering grounds. please advise.'

but, we get great parking spots because none of the Lexus cars want to park real close to the BMW's. but our ol' Maxima slides in real nice.

he went to park the car (it's not that we can't afford the whopping $45 extra/day for valet parking. . it's that, we love to walk far distances. we're professional walkers), and i went on in to the lobby.

it took my breath away. not much takes my breath away. except child birth. and the thought of half-priced drinks at Sonic. . gasp. anyways, it's not that it's fancy with brass shiny chandeliers or a grand piano. it's. . what's the word. . just. . immaculate. beautiful wood columns, simple black chandeliers, a bookcase full of really old books that i had to hold myself back from grabbing and stuffing in my backpack, huge windows overlooking the mountains and the Biltmore in the distance. my feet squished on the super nice carpet. it was like walking on sand at the beach.

everyone was smiling and waiting for me to make a request.

i straightened my shoulders, sucked in my growing belly (yes, thank you third baby), and meandered to the far corner, trying to look relaxed and graceful. relaxed i can pull off with ease. graceful? not so much.

so how did i become a tag-along to my husband's associate, manning the booth, shmoozing the millionaires? it happened so fast. i'll tell you all about it.

but right now i should make sure the jacuzzi jets are working. excuse me.

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The Jones Family said...

Jealous. Oh so jealous! Enjoy yourself.... by the way you are hilarious! I love the way you write... you should write a column in the good old Rome News Tribune.