Saturday, July 31, 2010

figuered it out yet?

Shark Week
what's happening August 1st? does the cute little picture over here ring a bell?

get it together. grab your kids. cause i know for a fact these guys become land sharks during Discovery Channel's Annual Shark Week.

seriously, don't answer the door.

i have seen one shark in my life. the husband and i were snorkeling off a little island in the Bahamas. he swam over to me, all excited 'you've gotta come see this!' i thought for sure it may be sunken treasure, a dead body. . nope. it was a shark. maybe 50 feet away. in the water. the same water i was in. not this particular shark, but it was black and had all the correct fins. and i'm sure the correct teeth. needless to say, i became one of those objects of prey in the water--splashing, shining, yelling, flipping out--desperately making my way back to the boat.

it's a love-hate relationship, really.

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