Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'm a pro.

so there we were, manning the booth among many booths. it had been a flurry of activity. we got there just in time. i was glad to help. it's hard for one man to set up a booth & float around chatting it up while keeping an eye on said booth at the same time. i was happy to help. it was fun recognizing folks from our Charleston trip.

and then he handed me a nametag. an official name tag, like everyone else's, and said 'oh yeah, and you should wear this.'

crap. now i have to be professional.

but i think it was alright. he talked the jargon, i threw in jokes here & there. it was a regular duo show. we're tight like that.

millionaries are nice folk, i'm learning.

funny, but everyone who saw my nametag said 'hey jen.' it clearly said jenny, but they treated me like their own. . . sorry, coming out of fog now.

funny story: one couple, a bit inebriated, said 'are you related to Ed Norton?' (somehow they'd asked me my maiden name, not sure how that happened). anyhoo, i said 'ohhh, i wish! i think he's fantastic!' (obviously, me referring to the actor Edward Norton; and it's true. i think he's a genius). nice lady said 'isn't he going to be here later?' my heart jumped. what??? nice man replied, 'yes, yes, his sons are running the business now.'

oh. Ed Norton was one of the important folk at the conference.

funny stuff. tomorrow, maybe, or the day after. . hmm, i'll write about my day of rest and a regular ho-down at the Biltmore. get ready.

ps. but first i get to see my babies tomorrow!!! they have definitely not been kissed enough and i really should make up for that in the next 5 days.

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