Thursday, August 19, 2010

in my future.

5FW.jpg (300×187)

don't be jealous.


Kimberly said...

That's hot. I have one too...they are fabulous for toting around a hip family. Nice to meet you saw you on blog frog. I'm your newest follower. ~Kimberly

Christine said...

Well, actually I'm your NEWEST follower! ha, ha!

I have to say that the Honda Odyssey is the best! :)

Anegla said...

Lucky! I just upgraded to a van two months ago, can't believe we waited so long. Congratulations.

jenny said...

thanks, guys! we leave for vacation tomorrow and i'm super excited about all the extra space. in fact, i find myself thinking 'nooo, we don't have room for the Little People bus...nooo, we don't have room for Strawberry Shortcake.' but then i catch myself and remember: 'heck yes! bring it on! shoot, can i bring my recliner??'

Jennifer said...

Is that the Swagger Wagon???? We are totally checking into one right now! We have a GMC Yukon and with 2 car seats and being short - it is NOT ideal - especially trying to load babies in carseats in a skirt! YIKES!
Found you on Blog Frog!!