Friday, July 30, 2010

lazy dayz

so it's been hot. way too hot, actually. i don't know if it's being pregnant sluggish, or because of my really great summer cold, or what. . but lately the little girls and i have been hunkered down, playing indoors. here, they're checking out their new 'bear cave'.
usually i'm the type of person that if it's not freezing or hailing, we're outside. if i have to break up one too many fights, i drag us outside to focus our aggression elsewhere.
although, this slow stage probably has a lot to do with me not having a vehicle these past almost 2 weeks. usually we're out and about, at least during the morning-time. it's kinda sad, because the Eldest can get real stir-crazy. in fact, before my car trouble began, we were planning a trip to go see Jack (my son-in-law) in Chattanooga. but, we haven't been able to get up there. but most every morning after breakfast, she packs her pa-pack (backpack) with her favorite toys, and says 'okayyyy, i'm ready to go to jack's house!'

but, that will soon change. and you'll hear all about it.

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