Thursday, July 15, 2010

a pregnancy post

So I went to the doctor today for a check-up. He couldn't find the heartbeat right away (immediate terror feelings!), so he wanted to do a quick sonogram. This particular doctor isn't super communicative (something to look for in next doctor...mental note), so he mentioned 'sonogram' and left the room. Seeing as how I didn't have specific instructions to get off the table, button my pants, buckle my belt, put on shoes, and follow him, I stayed put. Fifteen seconds later his little head popped around the door and said 'Come with me.' Oh. Well, I felt bad that I didn't catch his subliminal message, so I quickly sat up and hopped off the table to follow him down the hall. I got halfway down the hallway (surrounded by nurse stations, other waiting rooms) when I realized I was walking barefoot, my shorts completely undone, my belt flapping in the breeze.

When I entered the sonogram room, I knew I had to say something to make me look a little less weird; or, a lot less weird. So, I went with 'Whoops! No shoes! I guess I'm more comfortable barefoot, huh?' Thankfully, the good doctor agreed.

And thankfully, he found that sweet little heartbeat and all is well. . . Next time, I'm going with sweatpants.


Simply Cintia said...

I'm glad all is well!!!

Simply Cintia said...
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