Monday, July 26, 2010

serious post--watch out!

it's not that i don't care about my children. and believe me, the husband and i have talked and talked about this.

but we're not going to homeschool. that decision was actually made a good long while ago. i always thought that it would be the perfect solution--your own schedule, no super early mornings, knowing everything your child is learning or not learning, no wasted learning time in the classroom. . that was actually always the kicker for me. you remember school--you'd get through with your work at a faster pace than everyone else (because all of you are geniuses!), and just sit there for half an hour or more. what a waste of money and time!

is it because i'm worried about my kids not getting enough socialization? um, no. i could care less about that. . i mean, i think it's great when the little girls get to spend some time at a play center for an hour or so while i exercise at the YMCA, and we always jump at opportunities to play with friends, whatever. but no. not concerned about socialization. this is such a short, sweet time. it is easy to get sucked into the idea that this time is all we have--that we'll always just be waking up, eating breakfast, going to run errands or the library or the grandparents' or the Y or the park or the...wherever.

and yes, there's a twinge of sadness when the Eldest says 'but there's no one to plaaayyyy with!'. but that's when i say 'yes there is. your little sister'--because they just may only have each other in the years to come. they just may be that close. so get started on that relationship, sistah!

but. . who's going to teach them about Jesus?? me and her dad, and her fantastic grandparents of course. but. . they're going to hear all kinds of bad things at school! yep. and that's where we come in. i heard my first cuss words in the third grade. i knew they were wrong because of my parents' teaching (sorta, but that's another story), and thankfully i never said any cuss words at all my entire life!

cough, cough. anyways.

my point there is, as Christ called us to be in the world, so we want our children to be in the world. how else will they influence others, be in the lives of those who don't believe, understand the real-ness of sin and grow a desire to share the Answer to that sin.

now. the second part of this serious post.

i will be in their school. i will be the janitor. i will be the lunch lady. i will be their substitute teacher. i will pick them up from school. they will never ride the bus. unless it's a field trip, and i will secretly follow in my car. i will do background checks on the teachers. i will show up & be 'that mom' peeking in the classroom window. sleepovers will be at my house. i will have lunch with them in the cafeteria. i will be home when they get home.

and the third part. i love home-schooling moms & dads. i admire them. i lift up their banner as well. i get it, and i believe.

but i desire my children to be in the world much, much more. it doesn't even seem to make sense. and it's awfully scary. but God.

end of serious post. your regularly scheduled program will resume now.

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Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I appreciate your honesty so much! I grew up without God or church in my life. It was through the example of friends (and one who turned into my husband) that I met in school. Thank you for putting your kids out there to be examples to others like me!