Monday, July 19, 2010


cutting raw chicken.

'cu-kie? cukie!'

'no, no cookie right now. we're going to eat soon. would you like some raisins?'


washing hands.

'go get me your bowl.'

pouring raisins. little person runs away.

pouring oil in hot pan. throw chicken in. try not to gag.

'bay-bee? bay-bee?'

'you want your baby? where is it?'


'in your room?' trying to draw conversation out so i can stir chicken. 'can you reach her?'

'nooooooo. baybee baybee baybeebaybeeeee!'

'okay, do you need some help?' chicken okay.


go retrieve baby from new (tall) twin bed. i practically run back to kitchen.

open up sauce. grab tomato (garden fresh tomato) from windowsill & start to chop.

'eeee eeee eeee.'

'no, it's not time to eat--oooh, you want your baby to eat?'

watch little person prop baby doll in her booster seat & push her to the table.

still chopping tomato.

'eee? eee?'

'go get your raisins. your baby will want to eat your raisins.'

'kay!' runs away.

fill pot with water.


place pot of water on stove. turn on burner. take deep breath. little person runs by me with bowl of raisins and heads to feed baby doll. i check chicken.


approach 3 yr old. 'she won't fit in the little yellow bus very well. why don't you try the pink truck?'


walk back to stove. throw tomatoes in sauce. turn burner on low. grab pile of clothes on counter. begin trek to back of house.


'put her in the pink truck. she will sit in the pink truck.'

walk to back bedroom, place clothes on bed.

'but i don't WANT her to sit in the pink truck!'

walking back to stove. 'well, you'll have to find something else for Strawberry Shortcake to do, or I can put her up.'

'NOOO, MAMA! you're not understanding me!'

place spoon down. hear 'hmmmmmm'. little person is feeding baby doll raisins. walk to 3 yr old, squat down.

'do not get angry. you change your attitude or i will take Strawberry Shortcake away. got it?'

'got it.'


water boils over on stove. i head over.

'eee? eee? eee?'

'no, not time to eat yet. is your baby thirsty? she might need a bottle.' shuffling pots around on stove, stirring chicken. begin breaking spaghetti.

'i feel better, mama!' announced loudly from hallway.


phone rings.

little person runs to my phone, pointing frantically at it.

throw spaghetti in pot. answer phone. my mom.

'ooh, i always call at such a bad time, don't i?'

'nope, no. this is great.' reach for salt, toss it in boiling spaghetti.

'BAY-BEEEE! BAY-BEEEE!' baby doll fell out of chair, raisins scattered everywhere.

sauce boiling & spattering, chicken getting crispy.

ahhh, suppertime.


Elissa said...

What did we ever do with all our free time before kids?

jenny said...

too much working, not enough playing. that's what i did.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Sounds so familiar! My hubby always wonders why it takes me so long to get so little done. I should have him read this...maybe he will get it!

Jen said...

Oh funny because I feel like that sooo often, but my kiddos are 6 months, 6 and 8. Mom, I need this, mom where is this, mom, mom, mom.... baby crying for bottle, trying to get lunch made and so on.. lol.

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