Monday, August 09, 2010

another tribute

so my good friend mrs. america has an amazingly talented daughter who began her dorm-living-college career yesterday. i just wanted to dedicate this little post to her, full of college possibilities:

fun with booby traps.
maybe dressing up like a rainbow?
learning how to effectively moon the car behind you.
finding occupied caves to explore.
learning all about fire safety.
getting an alternate degree in Duck Hunt (that's a night class, of course).
building your own bunk bed.
being wooed by strapping young-plaid-sweater-men.
watching your college burn to the ground. . or wait, was that just my experience?

congratulations on a big whopping step to the rest of your life, gracie. take advantage of every moment--you'll be so glad you did. and yes, Nat still wants to go to college and go to lots of birthday parties. thanks.

you are loved!


paul said...

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Dana Ward said...

I still have one of those Duck Hunt guns! Love the pics. Found your blog on Blog Frog!

jenny said...

thanks, dana!