Wednesday, August 04, 2010

B is for Basic

well since we're not doing a preschool for the Eldest (she'll be 4 in March), i've started being a bit more purposeful in teaching the basics. the basic of the basics. the basics of life.

i have several flashcard sets, which we've gone through every now and then. they're filled with the typical shapes, opposite pictures, alphabet & pictures, how to change a lightbulb. . oh wait, that's mine.

anyhoo, so i thought i'd focus mainly on recognizing letters, as she knows the alphabet song, she knows shapes & colors, most of the opposite concepts. . we've sat down plenty of times, pointing out letters, 'what's the first letter of the alphabet? what does it stand for? what's the second letter of the alphabet? what does it stand for?' i've found the easiest way to teach with her is to incorporate it into her play-time. if she's not playing, she is NOT interested.

but she's 3. so what can you expect. and heck, maybe she inherited that from me.

the fun part is Miss Poopy Pants LOVES to learn, and has already caught on to 'guessing' letters and pictures. she absolutely loved it when we went through the alphabet flashcards the other day. the Eldest on the other hand, had to be bribed with m&m's.

and when we got through, i was excited to see that she actually recognized over half of the letters! (that's more than i can do!) huh. it's neat to see the times we have spent in the past really worked.

and as i'm teaching Miss Poopy shapes, the Eldest is getting a refresher as that darn square is so hard to remember, apparently.

i'm also slowly teaching her a few key verses. no, not from my favorite Hemmingway novels; from the Bible. she's got Genesis 1:1 down pat, and she's working on John 3:16. and i'm also trying to be more purposeful in talking about Christmas and Easter, during the summer.

motor skills we're learning? pumping our legs on the swing. this is real tricky. peeling off stickers. she's pretty good at this so far. taking off socks. and, one thing i'm really going to need her to know how to do, in the very near future: get down out of your carseat. she can get up, but that getting down part is hard. but we're working on it.

so that's the little game plan for now!

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