Thursday, August 12, 2010

dear passat,

you have really been a fun car to drive. you're sporty. you have a sun roof, which i use year-round. you keep my bum warm in the winter. you really really go fast, like all of a sudden. i feel like i'm in a front-row seat at a concert when i listen to my tunes.

but let's be honest. you're lacking in the whole functioning area. yes, we all know your anti-lock brake system is apparently unfixable. no mechanic in town knows what to do. does that make you happy? are you proud that you're so foreign that no one knows how to work on you? does it make you laugh that windshield wipers cost $25 for you?

we bought you, knowing the back locks did not work automatically. that's okay. you were pretty. we brought you home. it wasn't hard to reach around and unlock the back doors.

but today, you let me know the passenger door lock also doesn't work. so, if all my doors are locked, how in the world am i going to unlock the entire left side of the car? oh, while juggling two little children? so you think opening my driver's door and leaning all the way over to physically open the passenger door, so i can then reach around and unlock the back door, is going to cut it?

i don't think so.

get ready to be replaced. i hope you're crying.


Tracy said...

too funny. sometimes people just don't think of mothers in their designs.

Rachel C. said...

I think I said something similar when I decided to get rid of my car recently. Though my sentiment may have been much less tactful and complimentary.

jenny said...

don't worry, i thought the same. family blog, ya know! : )