Monday, August 30, 2010

is it coming?

i'm not gonna say it. . but i think it's coming.

there's a breeze and it doesn't take my breath away.

i woke up this morning and felt the need to put on socks.

i opened all the blinds in the house.

miss poopy shorts is wearing capris to play outside.

i discussed Thanksgiving plans with my mom.

i turned the air up twice today.

upon entering my van (what?? van??) after being at the Y for an hour this morning, my contacts didn't melt out of my eyeballs.

i'm wondering what kinds of bulbs i'll be planting this. . well, when it comes.

i'm guessing my pathetic garden this year won't give me any more itty bitty tomatoes since it's, well, coming.

i thought twice about letting miss poopy shorts sleep in a sleeveless shirt last night.

i groaned inwardly as i raked a small pile of leaves off the driveway and realized they're only going to get bigger. and so am i.

i'm not gonna say it. but i think it's coming.


Anonymous said...

You are talking either about fall, winter, or a pregnancy...hmmm?

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Sue said...

From one Funny Bloggymom to another...Love my cherubs, I really do, but fall = back to school = a much nicer, more patient, more organized Mommy in my house. Bring it on, I say!