Wednesday, August 25, 2010

things i don't do on vacation

pick up toys.
go to walmart.
clean toilets.
baths every night.
load dishwasher.
wipe down counter-tops.


Candice Lynn said...

found your blog through the blogfrog discussion.

cute blog and kiddos! look forward to reading more.


Katie said...

I'm your newest follower through the Blog Frog discussion. Sad thing is that I just did ALL those things on my vacation. Enjoy yours.

Grace Wheeler said...

oh i'm so jealous right now. grrr...never ever reading your blog again. nope not ever.

(can't wait to see more of your vacay posts! lol!)

Who's babysitting your van while your gone? I totally could have...or did you take her with you???

Denise said...

I am now following you thru blog frog. great blog, cute kids.

here is my blog


jennie.newland said...

found you through the blog frog discussion! cute blog i can't wait to read more!

jenny said...

you girls are funny. . well, i did just clean a stinky fish-filled kitchen. gross.
grace--the van (thank you for calling her 'she') is HERE. there is no way we could get here without her. she is my rock. : ) puh-leeeze read my blog, grace! puh-leese! hahahaha. cause your blog is my superstar!!