Monday, August 23, 2010

view from here

we arrived at the beach in the pouring down rain. . typical afternoon shower. once the thunder & lightning stopped, in a light sprinkle we took the girls to the beach. this is miss poopy pants' first visit to the beach where i grew up.
as you can see, she was not afraid. straight from the sand to the water.
the eldest is perfecting her swimming with Mrs. Hippo (yes, that is a girl hippo. can't you tell she has eyelashes??).
miss poopy pants & her favorite activity: trying to get sand in every possible bodily crevice.

having a blast,


Unplanned Cooking said...

It's so fun watching them explore sand. And not so fun cleaning it out of their shoes, the sheets... ;)

Melissa said...

I have to say I hate sand! It does get everywhere. Love the blog, new follower!

Peaceful wishes,

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

That's totally a girl hippo! And a very cute human friend! Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Very cute--the hippo, and especially the girl in it!