Saturday, September 18, 2010

i love my bed.

and it loves me.

just in from being in the great big ol' state of Texas for a long weekend church conference thingie. it was fabulous.

but i have to tell you. texas has a secret.

want to know what it is?

a digital fountain coke drink stand. see below pictures.
myself and traveling buddies discovered it at Taco Bueno (also another great secret of Texas). so it looks like a mini coke machine you'd see outside a walmart or something. it only has one place for the coke (i'm southern. pop. soda. what-have-you) to come out. so, you stick your cup under there. then (are you ready for this?), you push the button for Sprite (my current fav, but you had all the Coke options). THEN (i'm not sure you're ready) you're shown about half a dozen flavors of Sprite. iiii knowww. Sprite flavors!! i chose grape, and it reminded me of my childhood favorite drink--Grapico. anyone remember Grapico?

but there were other Sprite flavors--raspberry, lemon, orange. . you name it. same goes for flavored dr. pepper, different Fantas. . i was floored. this was the first stop once we landed in Texas, and i felt like my trip was already complete.

there were several amazing things on this trip, but i choose to tell you only about the amazing new coke drink digital machine thing.

it was that cool.

and right now, it's lights out. and i get to kiss my babies tomorrow. and they need lots of kissing.


Jordan said...

Atlanta has those, too. You should come visit.

jenny said...