Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i'm one of those.

i had not gone a half mile, on my way to the walmart with the girls in our new ride. preparing to turn left, i saw a car behind me flashing his lights and motioning for me to pull over. surely he's in a hurry. must be an emergency. so, i pulled to the side, thinking he would quickly go around me. nope. it seemed he was even more adamant about me continuing on. hm, i thought. he must be going the same way as me or something. strange. i continued on my way, turned left, tra-la-la. well, he became even more adamant, hazard lights on, waving his arms for me to pull over.

i should probably do what the man says, i thought.

i pulled over and waited for. . what. a prize? an announcement? a beating?

nope. that nice young man quickly saved one of the Eldest's favorite books that somehow had been left on the van bumper overnite. as i reached for it through my window, i said 'oh my gracious! how did that happen?? thank you!!'

and i laughed, so as not to cry, all the way to walmart.

i'm one of those now. welcome.


Jennifer said...

LOL... This story actually reminds me of the Swagerwagon commercial! The one where the mom is feeling all good in her Swaggerwagon and at a stop sign a couple of construction workers are all pointing at her and she thinks they think she is cute or something, but then comes to find out she has a diaper bag on her roof! I have left my coffee on my roof before - it could be worse, we could leave our children on the curb instead of loading them in the car.

Anonymous said...

Very funny! I've done a wallet and it stayed on until I noticed down the street. Of course the first thing I did is look and see if anyone saw me!