Monday, September 06, 2010


it's been a labor day around here for sure. the husband and i clean out the carport closet but once a year, and today was the day.

satisfying, yes. tiring, dirty, yes. yes.

i sat down for a bit (okay, so i was doing a lot of sitting down 'for a bit' and also fetching the little girls' needs, cleaning boo-boos, breaking up fights, getting out play-doh, having a picnic. . ) and felt this weird feeling that took my breath away, and my stomach sank a little. what was that? i wondered. and then it hit me. a Braxton contraction!

oh my. waaaay too early, in my mind. so, here i am. feet up. cooling off.

we find out if we'll be buying more PINK paint or BLUE paint this Thursday. are you excited? me too. but. . you'll have to be held in suspense for a couple more weeks, because we are 'announcing' the newest gender at miss poopy shorts' birthday party on the 25th to the flam-damily.. that's right, folks. the big 2 YEARS old.

the husband and i are headed to Dallas next week for a conference with some of our church folk--really fun church folk, and that's exciting to me. i love traveling with friends, outside our regular TRCC world.

a very exciting non-profit will be starting up soon for our fourth season. is that right? i might have to re-check that. anyways, i'll be blogging about this in the coming weeks, as i am working on getting the website up & running. . but get ready to learn about Young Moms--a teen parenting community here in Rome, GA. cool stuff.

annnd, i'll end with this thought: ever feel like you want to sit on a bag of frozen peas?

i do.

and i accidentally deleted my signature. dad-blast it.


Kelley said...

I enjoyed ALL of this post but I loved dad-blast it at the end the most! Ha! I've heard of dagnabbit but not dad-blast it! Will use...

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Just stopped by to say hello and become one of your followers. Stop on by our place and say howdy. My husband and I have just started our adoption journey, To Ethiopia For Eli. We'd love for you to follow our journey to finding our son.

Have a great day. You have a beautiful toddler!


Fuyume said...

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Mel ~ said...

Hi, take it easy girl. Sounds like you are a great Mama! Take care of yourself dad-blastit :)
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