Wednesday, September 29, 2010


in keeping with slowing down these days, i took the girls to a little park just 2 minutes from our house. it's pretty small, just one climbing thing with slides, which i thought would be fairly easy to supervise--and it was, for the most part. i think the eldest would've been content to play & climb all day, but miss poopy shorts wanted to play on everything but the play thingie. so we ended up finding a bridge & a random woodsy trail, which the Eldest called 'an a-benture'. then it hit me that we were the only ones in the entire park, minus the very busy grounds-crew which were actually all state prisoners. soooo, we cut the reclusive random woods-hike short & spent the rest of the morning chasing grandaddy-long-leg spiders on the play thingie.

i love it all. i love knowing my two girls will be brought even more close together since our caboose is a boy. they'll continue to live in their world of imagination, Little People, and baby dolls. . while this new addition may carve his own path of trucks, speed, climbing. . who knows what else. what do boys do, exactly??

we're moving the girls into their own room together in a few weeks. the husband and i picked out the paint colors, and i'm busy trying to cut down duplicate toys or kinds of toys so their play stuff will actually all fit in one room with them. . out of the living room, puh-lease.

and since this pregnancy has been quite painful these days, i'm teaching the Eldest to do a lot of things on her own. . like, in & out of her car seat; in & out of the bath-tub; in & out of swings, etc. and, since miss poopy shorts considers it a personal attack if she can't do exactly what her big sister does, she has also learned the same new stunts. now, it takes us a whole lot longer to go places or come in & out of the house or whatever, but i've learned that if i rush them and pick them up to make things faster. . i pay for it immediately & on into the night.

so, you go girls. all by yourself indeed.

and the last thing: in about 16 minutes, miss poopy shorts came into the world two years ago today. she is truly such a joy & i can't wait to see where her little feet will go. .


Paris said...

HI there! I just found your blog on blog frog and am a new follower. I look forward to reading more. Hope you'll come visit when you have a chance! :)

Unplanned Cooking said...

It's so fun discovering the difference between boys and girls - we had a girl after two boys, and it's been delightful having somebody who mimics me rather than dad :). Sooo excited for you!