Thursday, October 21, 2010

the clothes monster

this weekend the little girls are staying with my parents while the husband and i combine their separate rooms into one room, so the baby boy on the way will be all set with his own room come January, or February. . repainting (bye-bye, pink walls), taking down twin beds & putting them back up, furniture re-arranging. so today i've been busy moving the Eldest's closet into miss poopy shorts' closet, moving their play clothes into one dresser instead of two, and combining toys.

whew. i've never been one to hold on to anything we're not using or haven't used in a while. i really really enjoy donating big trash bags of clothes and even just throwing crap away. the house just feels lighter. or maybe it's just me. . and lord knows i could use some lighter feelings these days!

i believe the Eldest can have a shelf for her books and Miss Poopy Shorts can have a shelf for hers; we don't need half a dozen little bags or purses, they can each have one backpack and one purse for their little-bitty-doll-carrying-pleasures; one tuppeware container of little plastic things is plenty, and one shelf for stuffed animals is all they play with. and if we obtain new things or extra stuff, something gets donated. not only do we just not have the space for two wooden animal puzzles that are basically the same, i want my kids to use their imaginations for what they have. and more importantly, play outside anyways!

but man. these sweet little girl clothes are killin' me. can't let go.

i need therapy.


Sonja said...

Wow--you are good. Everything is organized in our house but we have a LOT of stuff/toys. We even have a big basket for all the nail polish stuff and another for all the purses and bags the three girls use. Maybe I need to rethink things.

Holly Bierly Young said...

Your blog is adorable! I love in your "profile" that you put something about playing more than cleaning. That is so so so important.

I found you on "the hump day blog" and I'm hooked! :) Keep writing and I'll keep reading! Best wishes! Holly

Cassie said...

HA! I like "Miss Poopy Shorts." I'm with you on the whole purging thing. I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff, though every time I do it, I look at certain things and think, "Why did I ever get this in the first place?" It drives me crazy when people can't just let certain things go, but then again, I've got a lot of hoarders in my family.

Michelle said...

Great post! I can feel my self resonating with it. My girls have too much still - and we always give things to charity or re-purpose them in some way. We're not ones to buy them lots of things either - we want them to use their imaginations as well, plus learn the importance of living simply (and not to become materialistic adults). Other people love to give them things all the time, so what do you do? My kids are good about giving things away without a lot of fuss though, so that is very helpful when it comes to clearing out the clutter - it's just a matter of getting them to do the ;)

Michelle at ;)