Thursday, October 28, 2010

don't you love it when. .

peeing in a cup at the doctor's office you completely miss and wet your hand instead?

the nurse takes one vial of your blood, and after duck taping the cotton ball to your arm says 'oh! i forgot to stick you one more time. . ' and proceeds to rip off said cotton ball without a moment's notice, leaving a bald spot on your arm and tears in your eyes?

the ultrasound nurse says 'wow, your baby is one whole pound heavier than he should be.'

the nurse gets all excited when you say you haven't gotten a flu shot yet?

the doctor makes you wait for 30 minutes in a little room all alone, only to have a two minute conversation with you and say 'see you next time!'?

me too.


Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Hi, Jenny!
Thanks for commenting on my latest post. I know exactly what you mean about the "dont you love it when..." I have one more: when youre in the doctors waiting room for 2 hours, see the nurse practitioner (not the M.D.), wait another 30 min for the real doc to sign the prescription, go to pharmacy with said Rx, only to find out they wrote the scrip wrong! UGH!!! ;)

jenny said...

oh yeah, that is priceless! or when you have the worst sinus infection known to mankind, the doctor is out but has a reeeallly slow old-lady doctor subbing for him. you brought your 1.5 yr old & newborn with you, thinking it would be a quick visit for the drugs, but you end up waiting 45 min in the patient area, then another 45 min in the little room, and finally walk out when you realize lunch is coming up fast & you didn't bring anything for the toddler to eat. fanTAStic.

KandiLand said...

Found you on blogfrog and love your blog design! Following you now!

One of my biggest peeves is waiting in the Dr's office! I think they book 2 or 3 rooms at the same time...and I always want to say to the Doc "our time is valuable, too, you know!"