Saturday, October 16, 2010

going somewhere?

in the middle of coaxing & prodding them into the van, since i am not about to lift them up. . we have many conversations.

they begin eye-level with the floor of the van. the eldest spots a goldfish, missing a tail. 'oh no! his tail is gone!' we remark that perhaps it was only halfway eaten and then jumped overboard from the carseat. 'but how can he find his tail again?' we discuss the digestive system.

more coaxing & prodding. up up up. pull yourself up. miss poopy shorts spies the Huggies box of books, sees Dora. 'boooooots!' opens book, begins to read 'mama? mama? mama?' and on until i confirm that yes, that is indeed Dora's mama in the book. 'daddy? daddy? daddy?' and on until i confirm that i'm not sure why Dora's daddy is not in the book. up up up, pull yourself up.

they make it to their seats, sitting on their bottoms, laden with a blanket, a baby, or a purse full of little babies, or more books. i stealthily place these items on the floor to begin the strapping in process. i absolutely must take the time to re-do these straps, taking out the kinks & twists. . tomorrow.

while strapping, i'm confirming the eldest in something or other, knowing her heart needs constant affirmation to keep going forward; i'm hoping for a hug or a smile, but instead she says 'do you remember i got to touch dinosaur poop?' smile. yes. you sure did. this was her favorite part at the dinosaur museum we went to last weekend.

we might be late to wherever we're going, but we never miss a thing.

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