Thursday, October 07, 2010

little mama

i love my baby.
she goes everywhere with me.
she needs me.
she especially needs my blanket.
she has to be swaddled at all times.
mama is okay at swaddling.
daddy is really great at swaddling.
i will not wait one second for mama or daddy
to put down what they're doing to swaddle my baby.
especially during the most stressful times.
i find that invigorating.
if i'm upset, i want my baby and my blanket.
and that's okay with me.
baby looks pretty rough.
i got a new one for my birthday.
but i haven't given it a moment's notice.
a good mommy doesn't abandon their baby, do they?
i did let mama put new clothes on her.
i feed my baby a bottle a lot.
before i sit on the potty, baby has to sit on the potty.
once the blanket dropped in the potty.
now i'm a bit more careful.
mama has to know where my baby & blanket are at all times.
i think it's getting her ready to take care of my baby brother.
she loves it.
i think.
anyways, i'm very responsible with my baby.
mama says i'm a little mama.
and being a mama is really fun, don't you think?

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Paris said...

Awesome. Like mama, like daughter! She's watching you! ;)