Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my survival tools

1. 1 cup of coffee (don't judge)
2. 1 toasted bagel with cream cheese
3. 1 beautiful fall day
4. a hearty sense of humor
5. 1 quart of water to drink
6. 2 granola bars
7. 1 wet washcloth to carry around behind sticky dirty little people
8. 1 golden delicious apple
9. 1 frozen meal defrosting for dinner
10. 1 hug
11. a bucketful of patience
12. a handful of m&m's
13. remembering from whence i came
14. thankfulness
15. Jesus


Anonymous said...

Love it. Quite of few of mine are the same today, except I'm on my third coffee. :) No judging here.

Jenn said...

No judgement on the coffee from me... I drink one a day too...after that it's decaf chai or my nerves get the better of me...

Patti B. said...

Some of those are ones I use to survive too, especially coffee and a nice fall day! With those two (and a clear calendar for the day), I can get a lot of writing, music listening, and just plain lazing around, done.

Laurie said...

Who judges on coffee? Not I I live on the stuff. Enjoy your day

jenny said...

well, the only reason i put 'don't judge' is because i'm 5 months along! but 'they' say caffeine helps build up the baby's neuron connectors or something. . this baby's gonna be SMART@

Gina said...

Too funny! That is remarkably similar to my survival list!

Michelle said...

That's a very beautiful sentiment. ;)