Monday, October 04, 2010

nest nest nesting

what does it mean when i'm looking for things to put in my awesome clear kitchen container things & get so excited when i realize i can put all my cake/cupcake-making products in one, and taco/chili seasonings in another?

what does it mean when i'm going through all of miss poopy shorts' 24-month clothes, putting them in boxes, and then going through the Eldest's too-warm 3T clothes and boxing them up for miss poopy shorts for next summer, and making sure both girls are outfitted with one warm jacket and one light jacket, going through hand-me-down 4T clothes for the Eldest for the winter?

what does it mean when i'm going through both girls' toys and pulling out baby toys & books to be used by the up-coming baby?

what does it mean when me and the husband clean out the refrigerator and find it so invigorating to throw away pickles from 2008?

what does it mean when i go through all my tissue paper in my wrapping stash, folding it all neatly and making it easy to get to?

what does it mean when i'm finally updating the girls' baby books, ordering pictures to actually put in the 'first steps' and 'first hair-cut' places?

what does it mean when i clean out the girls' stash of McDonald's toys, throwing out duplicate ones, so all little plastic thingies can fit in one shoe-box-sized plastic container that fits neatly under the dollhouse?

nesting, friends. nest nest nesting.

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