Tuesday, October 05, 2010

no swiping!

the Eldest and her daddy (the husband, just to clarify) went camping this past weekend. she LOVES camping. i'm not sure if she really loves the daddy attention the most or if she really is an out-doorsy kinda girl, but regardless. . she loves it.

the funniest story that i heard from their adventure came the morning after their night of tent sleeping. she was rather quiet & sluggish, munching on her eggs. it was cold, they were both groggy. suddenly. .

in a whisper, she says, 'Daaadd...'
he says, 'yes?'
she says, a little louder, 'that sounds like' (much LOUDER) 'SWIPER THE FOX!' (arm outstretched, hand in a 'stop' position) 'HE'S TRYING TO SWIPE MY EGGS! SWIPER NO SWIPING! SWIPER NO SWIPING! SWIPER NOOOOO SWIPING!' (quiet) 'ohhh mannnn'.

i love her.


Paris said...

What an imagination she has! Looks like Dora went camping too. :)

Grace Wheeler said...

haha! So cute! I love that she went camping with her daddy! How neat!

E.L.M Dyck said...

Cute. I can't wait to take my Daughter camping next year! Found you on blogfrog