Tuesday, October 26, 2010


last night at our Young Moms meeting, we had a record-high number of girls come. neat.

yesterday was one of THOSE days. you know the ones. it starts off with a bang and ends with a slammed door, with lots of tripped up emotions, falterings, and apologies in between. i realized at the end, that the bang at the beginning set me off kilter for the rest of the day. i didn't think i was upset, until much much later i realized i'd taken out my anger on everybody the entire day through. that stinks.

there've been some minor adjustments around here with the girls sharing a room. it's been good, overall. . bedtime can be interesting, rest-time is completely different. . but i'm sure glad we went ahead and combined them so they'll be good and adjusted by the time we have to adjust to another babe in about 3 more months. holy crap, THREE?

this morning the little girls got dressed in their ballerina tu-tus (i sorta know how to put those on) and we headed to the library for their fall festival/party. it was great fun. they were so awed at the characters they saw ('Raggedy Ann goes to the liberry, mama!'), and they were especially awed that they got to eat chocolate, chips, and cupcakes for their morning snack instead of the usual bowl of grapes or peanut butter crackers (i'll be honest. . i was super excited about that, too).

tonight i am making salmon croquettes. i remember eating these SO MUCH growing up (salmon from a can, ya'll), and didn't realize it was fish til i was well into my college years.

tonight, my girls get a taste of the high life. : )

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Mandy said...

Are you pairing the salmon with mac & cheese. That was a once-a-week meal when I was growing up! It was MUCH later that I realized salmon came in other forms than in a can.