Monday, October 18, 2010

soccer mom?

all week, since her last little soccer practice, we've been practicing. . lots of kicking, reminders not to use your hands, talking about coaches and team-mates, and doing the same games she did with all the other little kids.

one of those games was something called 'the hunter and the skunk'. . or the 'skunk hunter'. whatever. the object is to stuff your jersey in the back of your shorts, and run around the field chasing other kids, trying to rip their jersey out of their shorts. obviously, the last one with his jersey still in his shorts is the winner.

anyways, the first time they played it, the Eldest got frustrated because she didn't grasp the point and so, didn't play. which was fine, i knew it was just because she didn't understand it. so, this past week, the husband played this game with both girls a lot in the house.

so, she was ready.

when the coach announced it was time to play the Skunk game, she got excited. . and so did i.

off they go. immediately, she got her jersey ripped out, but eventually understood to go chase other kids to get their jerseys. she started chasing this one girl, bigger than her. she chased her around and around in dozens of circles. . and she kept getting closer and closer.

and i kept getting more and more excited. i was yelling and yelling. this inner raging soccer-mom beast came from nowhere. i wanted my sweet 3-yr old who won't even step on ants to take this other kid OUT. i jumped out of my chair and ran to the sideline.

suddenly, i heard myself yelling. and found my way back to my chair, with all the other modest parents, looking on with much amusement.

well, i thought. i'm sorry you obviously don't love your child as much as i do.

and one last picture. .
watching your big sister play soccer can get down-right boring. but it might help if you see the scene upside-down. try it.

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