Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i choose life.

today is a day to remember blessings, instead of losing it. maybe later i'll freak out, but not at this moment.

1. the husband is coming home 2 whole days earlier than planned.
2. even though the Eldest has fought a fever since Sunday night, she has remained in good spirits. which is a rare commodity. her and sickness don't go together.
3. yesterday the flower man brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from across the ocean. gotta LOVE that.
4. i completely backed into somebody with my new van and squashed their passenger door. the blessing? it was in my driveway, and that somebody was my mom. bless her.
5. even though it's rained the past couple of days, the girls have thoroughly enjoyed being home after a busy last week and re-discovering their inside play-things.
6. i've also re-discovered vacuuming, dishes, laundry, and cleaning my shower (considering my shower is as big as one you might find in an RV and it gets cleaned only when the husband comes home from being away for a long time. so this is a big deal). why is this a blessing? because we'd completely run out of clean sippy cups and miss poopy shorts was eating 2-day old cheerios off the living room carpet. nice.
7. while on the phone with the insurance company re: #4, my mom beeped in to say a strange young man was at my front door (i was at walmart while she was home with the girls). who was he? my deacon. what was he doing at my home? bringing me dinner. blessing.
8. it's not raining right now and when the girls get up from their nap they will be pleased to know that yes, they can go ride their bikes.
9. my sciatic nerve pain has lessened 1 or 2 degrees of late.
10. i am completely deterred from drinking any alcohol that might be in the house due to this pregnancy. . if i wasn't with child, i might have already become a raging alcoholic.


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