Thursday, November 04, 2010

letting go of summer

things i will really miss about summer regarding a 3 & 2 yr old:
just water-shoes outside, no socks.
no layering, just shorts & shirt.
long days outside getting dirty.
not so many runny noses.
baby pool activities.
eating lunch & dinner outside, avoiding a dirty kitchen.
solid naps, since they are so busy running & sweating.
more fruit varieties (blueberries, watermelon).
no worries about Vitamin D deficiencies.
not-so-messy potty training opportunities outside, less carpet stains.
the car seat straps remain the same--not loosened for coats or sweatshirts.
less TV.
can i ride my bike right after breakfast? why yes. it's 80 degrees already.

things that are better in the winter regarding a 3 & 2 yr old:
i'll get back to you.

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