Tuesday, November 02, 2010

soccer and life

here's our soccer star. we learned a lot with this fantastic little
experience. and it was all good! she can't wait to give it a go next year,
joined by miss poopy shorts.
i think it was a big deal for her--being on a team and receiving instruction
from another adult was just different!
every little practice brought out new things for us to teach
her, and every single practice she improved on those things:
(side note: all of these things are applicable to life itself)

when you fall down, get back up & keep going!--even if you're embarrassed,
slightly injured, or tired.
if someone takes your ball away, run find another one because
they are all the same color, size, and shape.--keep looking for new opportunities.
run fast to chase the balls down!--'indomitable will to continue
as long as there is a means to resist' winston churchill
if someone grabs your 'jersey tail', turn around & grab theirs right back.--be strong
and courageous in character.
if you're on the pink team, stay with other kids that have pink on.--find a true friend/s
and stick with 'em.

we were so stinkin proud!

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